Fixers Indonesia Local Support for Journalists and Production Crews

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fixers indonesia
Working as a foreign journalist in any country of the world without local assistance can be very complicated. However, with the help of our fixers in Indonesia, any international journalist can find the process of covering local stories a lot easier.
We offer an array of services for foreign journalists in the following areas:
  •    Initial research
  •    Fact checking
  •    Local access
  •    General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)
Contact us if you are a foreign journalist in need of fixer services for your work in Indonesia. You can expect a speedy reply and we will gladly collaborate with you for the success of your work.

Initial Research

We know how hard it can be for a foreign journalist to get a full and accurate understanding of a story without comprehensive research in an unfamiliar country. With the help of our fixers in Indonesia, you can get a good head start on your report. Fixer Indonesia also offers brief initial research for free when you contact us.

Fact Checking

Online platforms are important, but not always entirely reliable. To get things right as an international journalist you need to verify news sources and get the basic details correctly. Fixer Indonesia has an extensive network all over the country and we have thorough knowledge of how things work with the local media, thus making it easy to check facts.

Local Access to Contributors

The quality of your report as an international journalist depends largely on how close you are able to get to the source of your news. Our fixers in Indonesia can get you as close to the news as you need to. We can help secure access to the remote communities in Indonesia and score interviews with relevant stakeholders for complete reporting.

Production Support

Get all the help you need on the ground with your current affairs report, news pieces, and documentaries. We have production fixers everywhere in the country to help you.


We can assist with itineraries, schedule and all other logistics that will make life easy for you as a journalist working abroad in Indonesia.